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Giving Legal access to the Latino Community

With Lista Legal with are developing the diploma of get right of entry to to the Law for the Latino humans group, facilitating our foremost intention to present contemporary-day valid data, and a quick and trouble loose technique to understand questions and solutions straightforwardly from their mobileular telecellsmartphone.

“Lista Legal democratizes get right of entry to to lawful solutions and belongings for the latino community paying little heed to their motion popularity or purchase control.”- stated Lista Legal`s CEO and fellow benefactor Alex Uria. “Clients will presently have second get right of entry to to the maximum evolved lawful assist and preparations in Spanish. Lista Legal is giving all of us with a mobileular telecellsmartphone get right of entry to to the valid framework.

Situated in San Diego, CA, Lista Legal is an internet software made via way of means of latino commercial enterprise visionaries who migrants and feature skilled the hardships of the valid framework direct. Lista Legal permits customers to pay attention on getting preparations, attending to Law news, legal professionals, questions and replies to their valid inquiries with out chipping out every penny.

Lista Legal conveys Legal help in Spanish through

Lawyers and non-legal professionals who can swiftly take a look at and react to lawful inquiries,

Answers are determined on and remarked with the intention that it offers a extensive or specific comprehension to the valid issue,

Quest for legal professionals who're appraised and feature enjoy running with Latinos,

Direct-to-purchaser, on-request solutions to valid problems all with out reserving a discussion, bounce at the phone and for nothing.

Lista Legal is notably enhancing the doorway to valid administrations for the latino community and is perceived as concept pioneer and advancing withinside the historical and pricey lawful framework.

What is Lista Legal?

Lista Legal is a attorney registry that became introduced into the arena with assembling a rundown of legal professionals in all precise lawful regions. These criminal counselors are skilled and display electricity and thought to help the latino community with their lawful needs. It is whatever however a need for the legal professionals to talk in Spanish but for the reason that extra a part of them have severa lengthy durations of enjoy running with latinos it`s now no longer wonderful that a vast range of the legal professionals in Lista Legal are hispanic, talk in Spanish or have any person of their regulation exercise who communicates in Spanish.

Necesita un abogado de inmigraciĆ³n en Houston Texas? Nosotros podemos ayudarle.

We make it easy for latinos to get collectively with a attorney they could trust!

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